Finally: Jack Dorsey launches Twitter alternative

Jack Dorsey launches Twitter alternative

A new app developed by the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter as a rival to the Elon Musk-owned site has just released an Android version.

According to its website, Jack Dorsey's Bluesky promises a forward-thinking "social internet" that gives consumers more options and liberates them from platforms.

However, the app is still under construction and may only be accessed with an invite code.

With funds from Twitter, Dorsey started developing Bluesky as a side project in 2019. It was released to iOS customers for the first time in late February.

According to Tech Crunch, several users have compared the current beta version of Bluesky to a condensed version of Twitter.

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The demand for the premium app has been rising, and according to the technology publication, the platform currently has roughly 20,000 users.


In the future, the app creators want to provide users "algorithmic choice," which would let them select how content is put into their screens as opposed to a general algorithm under their control.

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