Truth About Using Madre de Cacao for Dogs and Cats

 This very humble tropical deciduous tree growing almost everywhere in the Philippines may as well be your new favorite in maintaining your pet’s health. With hundreds of research focused on this plant as a natural and organic substitute for conventional drugs to cure skin, coat, and parasite problems leave many of us wondering. Is Madre de cacao really safe and effective for use in pets?

madre de cacao for dogs

Toxicity and Practical Use

In practical amounts, Madre de cacao proves safe for use in most mammals, your dogs and a cat included, but is deadly on rodents. Madre de cacao is used as a rodenticide for ages by farmers and rural households.

As a parasiticide, Madre de cacao can actively rid of ticks, fleas, and mites on a dog’s fur without being toxic to the host. This may be the reason why it comes in as the best treatment against both demodectic and sarcoptic mange.

A Matter of Potency

The power of any product remains in the potency of the active ingredients it is intended for.

In killing mange mites and resolving many fur and skin issues, the product has to be extremely potent and can remain active even after drying your best friend. This is a very important subject to consider when choosing between soap, shampoo, and other bath products commercially available. After rinsing, the number of active components left on your dog or cat’s body is comparatively low, hence affecting potency.

Furthermore, the process of creating bath products itself may kill the active compounds. For example, adding surfactants in soaps and other chemicals. Not to mention the amount of Madre de cacao extract that goes into the creation of the product.

It is important to buy only products made from 100% pure extracts and obviously still holding the scent of Madre de cacao. If not, it might as well just be another marketing gimmick that proves to mislead consumers.

A Miracle Cure — But Not For Everything

What makes anything sound like “hype” is when it is overly and wrongly marketed. Madre de cacao is an awesome alternative and powerful in treating skin conditions from the toughest to the most common but leaves room for doubt when it comes to other conditions. For example, using it as a food additive in dogs and cats may sound like a good idea but although known to not be fatally toxic expect digestive discomfort and other unwanted symptoms. Modern vets may not talk about the products made from natural alternatives, but it is still your best bet when it comes to animal health, inquire about its safety from your favorite vet care.

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Treating your canine and feline companion is much like treating another human being. There is no such thing as one size fits all. And certainly, Madre de cacao isn’t one of those. Treating mange, hot spots, and parasites like ticks, lice, and mites may as well be its most essential use and proven as a great alternative to harsh chemicals.

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