How To Apply For Gold Seal Instructor | Step-By-Step-Guide

 Here is how you can apply for the gold seal instructor. Furthermore, your written exam and your certification are quite important. So make an effort to finish both tasks well. Make sure to read all the way through because this is the complete procedure for becoming a gold seal instructor.
How To Apply For Gold Seal Instructor

How to apply for gold seal instructor?

In actuality, a Gold Seal Flight Instructor whose primary responsibility is instructing aspiring pilots. The commercial pilot is trained there. Since this position has a great reputation, all instructors must maintain a professional atmosphere. Teachers must be disciplined and on time with their kids in this setting. However, a few things are necessary for this position. Not anyone is eligible to apply in this field. Here is all the information you need to apply to become a gold seal instructor. A flying seal instructor must be able to impart knowledge effectively. The Federation ensures that no illegible people are allowed to fill this position for this reason.

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Documents required for the gold seal instructor application

Some necessary documents are required for this post and without these documents, you can not apply for this job. So if you are planning to apply then make sure that all these documents are well prepared. Because you will need these documents in the verification process as well.

1. Pilot Certificate

To be eligible to receive a Gold Seal certificate, an instructor must hold a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating, with the exception of glider instructors who do not need an instrument rating. This requirement can also be fulfilled with an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, which certifies the instructor to be pilot-in-command (captain) of aircraft weighing more than 12,500 lbs. (5,600 kg).

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2. Ground Instructor Certificate

The FAA requires that instructors hold a ground instructor certificate with an instrument ground instructor or an advanced ground instructor rating. An instrument ground instructor rating certifies the flight instructor to teach the ground school (classroom) component of an instrument rating course. On the other hand, an advanced ground instructor rating certifies that the instructor is competent to teach the ground school component of many additional, special pilot and instructor training courses such as commercial pilot, multi-engine, and Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) refresher courses.

3. Instruction Requirements

Within 24 months of seeking a Gold Seal Flight Instructor certificate, the instructor must have trained and recommended a minimum of 10 applicants for a practical test, of whom at least eight must have passed the tests on the first try. In addition to this requirement, the instructor must have conducted a minimum of 20 practical tests as a designated pilot examiner or conducted a minimum of 20 graduation tests as chief instructor of a Title 14 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 141-approved pilot school course. A combination of these two criteria is also applicable, in which case the FAA considers two practical tests conducted by the instructor as being equivalent to one applicant trained and recommended for a practical test.

Duties of a gold seal instructor

As a gold seal instructor, you have to fulfill the following duties:

1. Within 24 months, you have to train a batch of 10 people for practical work. The number of people in a batch would be more.

2. 8 out of 10 students should pass the exam. Otherwise, your seal flight instructor certificates will be canceled.

3. If you are giving training to the students then you have to prepare 20 practical assignments. These assignments will be necessary for every student to complete.

So as a gold seal instructor, you have to fulfill these duties. The more you will work as an instructor the more your work will furnish.

Steps to become a gold seal instructor

You can not become a gold seal instructor. First, you have to clear the written exam of the AFI. This exam will build your base. And you will get all theoretical knowledge about your work here. Next, you have to do the training for the ground instructor certificate. This training will help you understand how you can practically apply the theoretical things. So both things are very necessary. Make sure that you complete all the steps with good marks and this will increase your chance to get hired. Hope you understand how to apply for gold seal instructor.

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