Know The meaning of the mask of Dalì in “La casa de Papel”

 There were more than 5000 fans sitting on the beautiful square Piazza Affari in Milan for the premiere of “La casa de Papel”! All reunited to watch the first two episodes of the new season of the Spanish TV series made by Alex Pina and run by Jesus Colmenar.

dali mask

“La Casa del Papel” is clearly one of the most popular shows on Netflix! Because of the plot of the show, its incredible actors but also because of this Dali mask! The mask became a symbol of the show and a lot of people are actually wondering “Why Dali?”.

So why Dalì? Why not Velasquez, Warhol, or even Picasso?

This question was raised many times at the premiere of the show in Madrid, but nobody really gave an official answer! It seems that we are free to do our own interpretation of it. Some people think that the mask is not really related to Salvador Dali as an artist but more as a political man. Dalì indeed supported the authoritarian regime of Francisco Franco (that was in opposition to the Resistance represented by the Gang corporation): dressing up with his face would be then a way to ironically remind how that ideology is thrown Spain into a crisis for more than 30 years.

In the wake of this interpretation, there are others quite similar: some think that the mask embodies the Resistance and some others think that it’s the representation of the Dalì foolishness.

What those meanings could have in common?

Each character has his own visions, which are very different from the others.

The Resistance

“This mask shows the spirit of the Resistance that everyone should have in the face of injustice”

Alvaro Morte.

The interpreter of the professor, Alvaro Morte, describes his thoughts with the word “Resistance”, to explain the feeling that everyone went through in life when was kidnapped from “ La casa de Papel” and had to fight against something much bigger than him.

If that reading is true, maybe Alex Pina wanted to communicate to us a sense of belonging, to make us part of a group that fights for a common goal.

The foolishness.

“When you wear that mask you start seeing the world from a different perspective. To me, that’s the symbol of the wonderful craziness Dalì had in his life”

Itziar Ituno.

Itziar Ituno, who’s acting as Raquel, the policewoman, considers the mask as a representation of the insanity of Salvador Dalì. His genius brought him to break down the boundaries in the vanguard of his period and bring the artistic movement to extreme positions.

Don’t be surprised if foolishness and genius get hand in hand often!

They’re not the only interpretations. Some actors see in the mask the symbol against mass consumption, associating the painter with a hard worker who dedicated himself to helping poor people.

Whatever the right interpretation, each one is demonstrating that every art expression, painting, movie, or even TV series contains a bunch of meanings and all of them are the results of our experiences. Like actors, we attached things to symbols, consciously or not.

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A symbol that comes from a memory, a period, or from someone important to us.

The same memory that will drive along with the people who were there, that day, in Piazza Affari, waiting to find out the new adventures of the protagonists of “La casa de Papel”.

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