6 Ways To Identify Fake Naira Notes

 Fake notes of the new naira notes have been appearing ever since the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released them in denominations of N200, N500, and N1,000.
Read the 6 Ways To Identify Fake Naira Notes

6 Ways To Identify Fake Naira Notes

However, according to the CBN, there are security measures on the new banknotes that make it possible to identify fake notes with ease. However, Stardombase provides some instructions for Nigerians on how they can identify a fake naira note from a real one.

1. Use mercury bulbs

Naira makes a note of several characteristics of the paper that are invisible to the naked eye. Only original Naira notes have these traits, and only mercury bulbs can be used to see them. For instance, a genuine N1,000 note will display the number 1000 (in numbers) when exposed to the light of a mercury bulb. Similar rules apply to smaller denominations.

2. The Texture

The ability to feel and see the difference between real and fake notes is one of their distinctive characteristics. The naira note is probably fake if it has a soft feel and a dull-looking image. This means that whenever you are engaged in a transaction, you should pay attention to how the money is handled.

3. The gold foil

On the right side of the N1,000 note, just above the CBN Governor's signature, there is a gold foil. The gold foil on a fake note will immediately peel off if you scratch it, whereas the gold foil on an original note will not.

4. Use water or other liquid substance

Using water or another liquid substance can help you tell the difference between real money and counterfeit money. It is rumored that the inks used to create fake currency can dissolve in water and some other liquids.
If you are unsure about a Naira note's authenticity, carefully clean it with water or fuel. If the currency is fake, the colors will change right away. The colors of counterfeit currency will wash out when submerged in liquids, but the colors of original currency will not.

5. Examine the ribbon/thread

All Naira notes include a security thread that runs from top to bottom and resembles a ribbon. This thread can be sensed by touching the actual notes. On older Naira notes, it is more noticeable. However, there is something that appears to be the thread in fake notes but is actually not. What is there in the fake notes is merely a straight-line painting that resembles the thread on the original notes. The paintwork will readily come off if you scratch it.

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6. Protected against photocopying

Additionally, the new Naira notes are resistant to photocopying. Additionally, there are elements that can only be seen under ultraviolet light. For instance, the serial number on each banknote is normally black but changes to green when exposed to ultraviolet light.

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