How To Survive In Canada Without A Jobs

 How To Survive In Canada Without A Jobs
How To Survive In Canada Without A Jobs

Fortunately, Canada has an unemployment insurance benefit system that you can apply towards if you lose your job. Ordinarily, the pay is a lot less than what you would get if you are working, about 1/3 of what you would get, I believe. It’s not much, but its something. We also have a robust social service system where you can get help with rent payments and food. Now, if you are living in a million dollar neighbourhood in one of those houses, you may not qualify, but ordinary folks may qualify for social service assistance. We also have a few strong community support systems that are run by the Salvation Army, citywide Mission services staffed by volunteers; you can also call upon any church that will assist you with food, especially the Catholic Churches; and we have women’s services. In Canada, you will only go hungry if you are too proud to reach out.

Shelters are also provided, especially for youth who are homeless. In some parts of Canada, rent is extremely high, so you might have to share accommodation. Anyone who is homeless in Canada, if they register with social service will get some money and at least a place to sleep at night, free of cost to them. Still, this is not a good way to live, but if beats freezing to death outside, for Canada can be very cold.

We do have a homelessness problem in Canada, especially in big cities like Toronto, and with those who have mental health issues and problems. For them, housing is available, but they find it difficult to comply with the rules and so some of them will leave the dwellings that are prepared, and this exposes them to the elements.

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