Top 12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

 If you're looking for fun places to visit in Lagos, Nigeria, you won't be disappointed. From the bustling markets and energetic nightlife, to the beautiful beaches and stunning natural scenery, there's plenty to see and do in this vibrant city, read;

Obviously, Lagos is a coastal city and this makes the state boasts of an array of beautiful beaches and resorts and these beaches offer more than just sun, sand and sea. Some of them are:

1. Tarkwa Bay Beach

This is a sheltered beach near Lagos Harbor. Tarkwa is a popular place with water –sports and swimmers enthusiasts. And also, it is the main home of welcoming the resident community. Unlike most public beaches here in Lagos, Tarkwa is not overcrowded or noisy.

Further, you will enjoy this beautiful and amazing island far removed from Lagos’ bustle and hustle. Besides, this is the place to visit in some lonely moments or a preferably fun day with your loved ones.
Tarkwa Bay Beach - Top12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

2. Afrika Shrine

Don’t worry about your nightlife escapades while in Lagos; I got you fully covered. Fela shrine will make your nightlife most enjoyable and memorable. In the new Afrika shrine, you will enjoy the inspiring story-telling lyrics, political education, sacrosanct palm-wine, and a good lesson in “shaking-it.”

This place is an entertaining open-air center located in Ikeja Lagos. Further, this beautiful place serves as the main host location of all annual celebration music festivals. The new Afrika shrine best showcases image galleries of musical performances and Fela by Seun Kuti and Femi Kuti makes it among the best tourist attractions.

Afrika Shrine - Top12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

3. Hi-impact planet

The hi-impact planets provide world-class fun for both old and young tourists. Here you will enjoy the unique rides, games, and other types of entertaining attractions. You and your loved ones will have a good time and also form magical memories here. Besides, while in Hi-impact planet, grab a pastry or snack of fun, enjoy the full-brown intercontinental local foods at park three food courts.
The lovers of the club, we made your night here in Lagos. Put on your party shoes since equinox will get you fully covered. This is the best place to be every Friday night; it is popular for socialites and celebrities. Many tourists who came here described equinox as addictive, may it be you alone or with your friends, you will not get bored even a minute in this club.
Every day you will find many visitors and Lagosians walk down this mall. This mall was developed by best Broll property services back in 2011 and comprised more than 100 new stores. Ikeja mall is the home of all classy banks, departmental stores, jewelers, hairdressing, cafes, restaurants, bars, ice-skating arena, beauty salon, and many other’s related.

The mall also features large car parking and houses of enormous whole foods. You will love to visit different silver bird cinemas, ShopRite supermarkets, and many other beautiful places inside this Ikeja mall. Admirable stuff in Ikeja is affordable not to break someone’s bank account.

Ikeja city mall - Top12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

6. Freedom park

This park is a leisure and memorial park here in Lagos Island. The park was formerly broad street prison to her Majesty. It was constructed to preserve the cultural heritage and history of Nigerians purposely. The monument in this park reveals Lagos colonials heritage and also the fact history of Her Majesty’s. However, the park also serves as national memorials, cultural sites, recreation Centres, historical landmarks, and arts.
Freedom park - Top12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

7. National theatre

A cultural landmark and architectural masterpiece, the tower is among the best properties in Nigeria, which have stood the test of duration. National Theatre offers an avenue for the tourist to learn more about the history and arts while also having fun in its cool and lush environment.

This place was constructed back in 1976 by General Yakubu Gowon’s military regime and later completed by General Olusegun Obasanjo. National Theatre is a unique house of ancient art, and also it is progressing by inviting the new modern artist. You will love how this place fascinates both exterior and interior designs.
National theatre - Top12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

8. The Nike center for Art and Culture

Nike art Galley was founded by a legend known as Oyenike Monica Okundaye. This is the place of a unique art gallery, workshop, and artist retreat. When you visit the place inside, you will find Nigerian sculptors, craftsmen, and artist honing their skills.

Further, you will love the different levels filled into the brim and with one of the biggest collections in African art or preferably the Nike herself. Admirably, you will be charged nothing to enter inside, and this makes it among the fun and memorable activities to do here in Lagos. Additionally, you can purchase some nice-looking things that you will like.
The Nike center for Art and Culture - Top12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

9. Lekki Conservation Center

This place is very amazing and cool. It was built in 78-hectare in Lagos state. Once you visit lekki, you will immerse yourself in all beauties of nature on an amazing trip. You can even climb the canopy trees, located in the longest canopy Walk Bridge in Africa.

This canopy wall is approximately 401-meter long. You will love the bridge swings while walking on it; it is the top engineering feat bridge. Further, you find a family park, the best world-class picnic that provides sporting facilities, nature walks, and a picnic.
Lekki Conservation Center - Top12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

10. National museum

The national museum is in Onikan Lagos and was established back in 1957 before Nigeria gained independence. Essentially, this national museum is among the top-rated tourist attraction in Lagos. The place has great and attractive collections in ethnography, archaeology, and traditional art.

It also has the best galleries which are dedicated to brasses from Benin City and others related. Further, this museum houses an amazing bullet-ridden car that belonged to the country’s former Head of State, who got assassinated in 1976.

Additionally, the museum has a small, decent crafts village with handicrafts and woodcarvings for sale at affordable prices. Besides, if you love history, you need to visit this place for amazing history ever.
This resort is located in Lekki, Lagos State and it is known for its oceanfront view. Fun seekers have the luxury of staying over the beautiful beach resort and enjoy the serenity, natural peace and ambience of the environment. The fun seeker can relax around the palm trees or in a cabana on the sand.  The resort is owned and managed by Team Mark and his wife, Millie Sade, who have combined 30 plus years of experience in the hospitality industry. Games one can play in the resort include volleyball, badminton, basketball, pitch and putt golf, football (on sand), ring toss, hoop toss, French boule among others.
This resort is also located in Lagos. It has over 6.5 acres of palm fringed white sand beach. Gives fun seekers or visitors opportunity to see at a close range a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna that includes palms, mangroves, various species of birds like kingfishers, sea hawks, egrets, and ducks. Any fun seeker who visit this resort will definitely want to come back for a revisit as the experience as the resort is simply nature’s paradise.
La Campagne Tropicana beach resort - Top12 Fun Places in Lagos - (Attractions in Lagos)

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