5 Things Nobody Knows About Me - Magixx (Video)

Magixx shared 5 things you need to know about him

Nigerian singer Magixx is a new kid on the block and I must say one of the most talented young boys in the Nigerian music game today. Magixx has been responsible for such songs as All Over, Shaye, and of course the hit track Love Don't Cost a Dime.

Yet, while many people know Magixx's songs, not many people know much about the singer himself. So, during a new interview with TVC, the singer was asked to reveal 5 things nobody knows about him and here are some of the revelations he made.

5 Things Nobody Knows About Me - Magixx

When asked to mention 5 things that nobody knows about him, Magixx said:

5 things that nobody knows about me:

  1. I have 3 sisters, I don't think nobody knows this, I have 3 sisters.
  2. I listen to myself a lot. I listen to myself talk in my head a lot. I'm a critical thinker, like I criticize myself and I think I criticize myself in my head, that's another funny thing about me.
  3. Also, I like girls. I too like woman. But it's normal, every guy likes woman.
  4. What else? I love when people can communicate. I love when a partner can communicate, when somebody can have a conversation with me, it's very interesting. I find that very interesting because a lot of people these days, they don't know how to have a conversation. What you hear is hello, how are you doing? You slept fine? Good bye. Like bruh, really?
  5. I'm not religious. I'm not. I've not been to church in 3 years. I've not been to church. But like, I just really believe in God. I believe in God, that's what I believe in. I believe that there is a God and there is a creator that has engineered us to manifest what we think we can manifest. Because I think life is the power of our manifestations. I think everything around us is our imagination and we can only create as far as our imagination. So if you can't see beyond your imagination, you can't create. If you see that you can create a phone that will call somebody from here to America, you will do it because you have the power, you have conquered it in your mind. So that's what I believe.

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