Omah Lay reacts to fan’s outcry over poor live performance

  • Omah Lay reacts to fan's outcry over poor live performance
    Omah Lay reacts to fan’s outcry over poor live performance

Nigerian singer, Omah Lay has reacted to a fan’s outcry over his poor live performance at the Afro nation held in Portugal.

The fan who made a short video narrating her ordeal about the concert expressly showed her love for West African music, while outlining her observations about the artistes performances.

“My honest opinion about Afro nation day 1 from an artist… Beautiful place, amazing energy but my biggest criticism of this festival so far, my beautiful West African artist especially Omah Lay, partly Rema, why are you not singing?

“We came to see you live You’re a vocalist, your main instrument is your voice. we pulled up all the way to come and hear that voice live, because we love what your voice sounds like on recording. Now we want hear you do it live, and see the thing…” she said.

In response to the video, Omah Lay tendered his apology and explained he had to do the show without sound provided on his IEM.

Apologies to you and all the fans that feel this way. I woulda loved to give you better but I had to do this entire show without hearing myself cuz I wasn’t provided with sound on my IEM

I’ve been on the road almost every other night since March and it’s been 🔥 but challenges pop up and we choose to either do the best we can or not perform at all

Apologies once again. I’m still on tour and if you happen to be in any of the cities I’m coming to, I’d like to make it up to you with a VIP access. Hmu!


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