MUST WATCH: Woman captures the scary moment lightning struck her husband’s truck (video)

 A woman captured the horrifying moment lightning struck her husband’s truck with him and their kids inside on Friday evening, July 1.

The husband, Edward Whalen, and his family were driving down from St. Petersburg and heading back to their hotel when the unexpected occurred.

The lightning strike was captured by his wife, Michaelle, who was traveling in another vehicle that was trailing Whalen and their children in the truck.

According to Whalen,

“She (Michaelle) thought the storm was really neat looking and so she wanted to get a picture of it and she kept trying to snap pictures, she couldn’t catch it. So my son-in-law recommended she use that slow motion video. That’s when she caught the big moment.”

“You could feel a slight buzz in the car when it hit us, and then my oldest daughter was sitting next to me and she jumped halfway in my lap and screamed. She [Whalen’s daughter] yelled daddy what happened and I said we got hit by lightning,” he added.

Thankfully, no one in the vehicle was injured, but the truck was “completely fried” by the lightning strike.

Speaking further, Whalen said,

“I had to jump out of the truck and run back to her and hold her and let her know we were all fine. We were really confused. We had real bad headaches. That was always my dream truck, and I finally got it. I had just made my third payment on it and then boom. Hopefully, it’ll work out though.”

Whalen said he’s just glad they’re alive.

“It was pretty wild. After everything was done, my son said we needed to check ourselves in a couple days for super powers.” He said.

Watch video below,

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