Why I’m in love with Tems — Singer, Koji Laynz


Budding Nigerian singer, Dominic Akoji Usman, known musically as Koji Laynz and signed to Nevada Music Group (NMG) record label has professed his love for ‘Try Me’ crooner. Tems, born Temilade Openiyi. Koji Laynz, who spoke to Potpourri in a chat avers that his love is not born out of romantic desires but for songstress but out of pure fascination with her talent and vocal power.

He states, “My best Nigerian artiste is Tems. She’s the modern day Tracy Chapman and she’s number 1 in her game. I love how she plays with melodies and pitches like a pro and let’s not forget her ability to put you in your feelings with her premium lyrics. I hope to collaborate with her someday.

Asked about his feelings for women and how important they are to his music, Koji Laynz who is from Kogi State and a student of Godfrey Okoye University says he likes who likes him and affirms women play a great role in his music.

“I like who likes me but I like women . Women add to a percentage of what inspires me because I tend to interpret nature’s beauty in the image of a woman, but there are other ways to bring out natural beauty through music and I tend to do a lot,” he says. 

The singer who broke his musical duck in 2021 with a hit titled ‘Vibration’ followed by other songs like ‘Daily Blessing’ and ‘Flip’ believes he is underrated and seeks for opportunity to express himself more musically. He says he doesn’t believe in sticking to a particular genre of music as it limits creativity

“I’ll say genres are limiting to me. Not to brag, but I’m solid in any field I find myself with regards to music. My style of music is entirely unique. From the lyrical arrangement to the corresponding sounds and frequencies. I see music as a spell, with the right elements you can make magic,” he adds.

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