“I go bless the family” – Portable on bike man’s death, says he wasn’t the one that k!ll him (VIDEO)


Controversial singer Portable has broken his silence after reports of a car crash involving his infamous Range Rover and an okada rider in the Iyana Ilogbo area of Ogun state.

The unfortunate incident had claimed the life of the rider but Portable maintained that he wasn’t the one driving the vehicle when the auto crash occurred.

Speaking to journalists at the venue of his son’s naming ceremony, the Zazu Zeh musician disclosed that he was at the event when he got news of what had happened.

The singer, however, added that he made sure to visit the hospital and tried to cover bills for the individual’s treatment before he was pronounced dead.

Portable equally vowed to compensate family members of the deceased okada rider.

Watch a video shared by Goldmynetv below:

See Social media users reactions below:

@ademola.balogun said: “Do you know anything about Vicarious Liability? The car is yours, the person that drove the car is vour employee. If the family smart, dem supposed sue you!”

@lanrepeller said: “Portable need to leave trenches ajeh because haters plenty for him Well thank Allahno be him drive the car alhamdulilahi for that.”

@mhiz_phunmzy said: “I no kill person es. I still go there go bo card before he pass out, chai .Portable no go enter heaven.”

@itsmssuzzy said: “Can they just allow him enjoy his ceremony in peace.. this is harassment. Anvone with such information should have gone to the police first.”

@am_adedapo13 said: “Imagine who ever that died we will help the family, what odasity, what is our society turning into, the value of human life is like nothing to us. I do not blame you, I blame the media interviewing him.”

@dull_arpuh said: “Thank God the person wasn’t hit and killed by you but by one of your boiz??? # God abeg oh.”

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