Youth Have No Future In APC, PDP; Adamu Garba after Picking YPP Presidential Form


An official confident, Adamu Garba, has joined the Young Progressives Party (YPP) and bought the party's official articulation of interest and assignment structure.

Garba told reporters in Abuja subsequent to getting his structure at the party's public office on Tuesday that he needs to fabricate "new Nigeria" by fixing the nation's establishment.

The official applicant guaranteed that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have no future for the young.

"The adolescent don't have a future in the APC or PDP. I was areas of strength for an of the PDP in 1999, in 2003 we moved to ANPP and in 2007 we came to PDP and remained till 2014 when APC established and we moved," he said.

"I have even been an exceptionally steadfast and serious individual from the party (APC) and, surprisingly, tried to challenge for the administration under a similar APC in 2019.

"For me to come here and tell the entire world that the eventual fate of youngsters lies with YPP, I figure there ought to be no solid individual [like me] to say so in light of the fact that I have recognized firmly with the party, battled for the party and get offended for it however every one of the youngsters in the party are mushroomed, stuffed and dustbined perhaps we are hanging tight for them to set fire on them yet we won't be scorched.

"We are bringing another arrangement. A dream that will go to the establishment and reset for the Nigerian state. The justification for why we have been flopping reliably in this nation is on the grounds that the establishment is flawed.

"The framework was laid out at the mark of division - that makes us see each other as various individuals while we share a similar geology."

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