Emmanya Ekpenyong (Musician)
Full Name            : Emmanuel Ekpenyong Nya
Stage Name         : Emmanya Ekpenyong
Date of Birth       : 3, June - 1996
Education Level : Secondary school
Occupation          : Musician / Song Writer
Label                      : No
Genre                     : Reggae Gospel
Year Active           : 23, May - 2017
Role Model            : Lucky Beni
Home Town          : Cross River State, Nigeria
Favourite Quote  : Tomorrow will be better than today.

Emmanuel Ekenyong Nya popularly known as Emmanya started his music life at Cross Rivers State, Nigeria. He began by dreaming, composing and writing of music from primary school level, by then as young as he was but he was ever ready to push music saying in his mind "This dream must be done".

At secondary school level he was able to show up by exposing most of his composed songs in the churches he attended as an upcoming Artist.

Emmanya keep saying "I wish I have seen a sponsor but could not" ( Must  still ) He refused to believe that money is all in music, he was surprised to see himself inside the studio, he produced nine (9) tracks in the year 2017 to 2019 using his native language.

5th of may in 2020 he was able to come out with a track asking God to have mercy on the World (Loving Son), Emmanya is a kind, humble, helpful and trustworthy, he believed in the words of faith and hope.
According to his secretary observe for reports: Hope for more.
Awards: He received the award of a caring artist who released a track on behalf of the World (Loving Son) Award presented by Rev. Minister Kell Peter O.I. at P.H. He was awarded by the Akwa Ibom State Woman Association with comment appreciation.
Emmanya show appreciation to Almighty God for his Awards on one track.

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