[ENT.] Yung6ix Finally Files Lawsuit Against American Jewelers For Assault & Racial Profiling

Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix has finally filed a lawsuit against the American jewelry store that wrongly jailed him in the US.

Late last year, the rapper claimed to have been arrested by the jeweler who had him spend a whole night in jail. According to him, he was wrongfully accused by the jewelers who called the cops on him and made sure he spent hours in jail before being cleared.
Shortly after getting out of jail, Yung6ix revealed in a video that he was consumed with fear and vowed to press charges against the store. However, he has stayed true to his word and has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit. On the 9th of January, the rapper approached the California Central District Court to file Assault, Libel and Slander charges against Sterling Jeweler.

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