[ENT.] I Will Rather Walk Away Than Fight For A Man – Toke Makinwa

Media Personality, Toke Makinwa, while reacting to a video of a woman beating her husband’s alleged side chick in a mall, has stated that she would never do such a thing.
Reacting to the video, Toke Makinwa wrote;
She made this known via a reply to a Twitter user.
The side chick she attacked might not be his only indiscretion, she’s even made them closer. The man is probably begging her right now. As a woman work on yourself, don’t lose you to anybody
In one single action, she’s made the alleged side chick an angel, the girl walked away while the woman looked hella crazy. Resist the urge to let another’s action make you crazy
Two people make a choice to do life together, one person defaults on promises/vows, it is not a reflection of you, don’t lose your peace over another human being.
I think the whole marriage concept of “owning” your partner is flawed. You do not own anyone, you are not responsible for another’s action, it should not drive you mad
A Twitter user then recalled her book which spoke about her marriage with Maje. The user asked to know how she worked on herself when Maje was cheating with Anita. In her reaction, Toke Makinwa revealed that she simply walked away from the union.
See their exchange below;
Twitter user wrote;
“I love you Tokess but this is not it at all. When Maje was consistently cheating on you with Anita, please enlighten us how working on yourself helped when the man was the problem. Please don’t forget you gave Toke Makinwa Rervus a whole book on that, don’t start contradicting your story now”
Toke replied;
“Didn’t go around fighting nobody, I walked away, focused on my dreams and aspirations, worked on me, still working…. I can go on but… you completely missed the point of the tweet but I can’t help you”

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