A MUST READ – 5 Reasons Candidates May Not Score High In 2018 UTME

The 2018 UTME is currently going on in centres across the nation as students seek to gain admission into their choice institutions of learning.
Why some have high hopes of getting better scores to scale through the admission process, the truth is that such targets only end up as hopes – not reality. There are myriads of reasons you might not get those high scores in the 2018 UTME such as:

You Didn’t Plan Your reading

Know your strength and work on your week areas. Have a time table for the subject and set aside time to study them daily.
Starting early enough gives you the time cover up grounds. In addition, it ensures you don’t go into the exam panicking. Reading early helps you not only to cover enough grounds, it gives you time to revise and fix grey areas.
Don’t wait until you’re a month away from the exam before opening your book.

Inability To Make Past Questions Your Partner

One of my secondary school teacher had a saying that exam questions are not made from heaven. They are mostly what have been asked before, sometimes with a slight modification. You can get the past questions for each subject and study them alongside your text.
So, get all the past questions, time yourself and answer them like you’re in an exam. It gives you a snippet of your abilities ahead the 2018 UTME.
However, don’t deceive yourself by opening the back for answers while you are on it. That would not help you.

No Study Partner

This would ensure you have someone that can push you back when you’re veering off the track. However, let your reading partner be someone with similar visions like you. You can’t afford to partner someone who would drag you down.

Lack Of Target

Yes, it is especially important, It is especially important that you have an idea of the kind of score you want. Is it 200? 250? Just ensure you have a range of score in mind. It’d help you stay on track, give you the drive to continue studying for the utme.

They Depend On Cheating

With the advent of social media, it is easy to see posts urging you to pay to get questions and answers leaked to you.
Aside been wrong, you risk being swindled by fraudsters roaming the internet. Don’t fall for their scam, na hustle them dey!

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